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CustomWeather and Mobile Devices have announced a partnership to offer high-precision weather information on its complete range of GPRS connected Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) worldwide. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 July 2010 09:04
CustomWeather and Mobile Devices have announced a partnership to offer high-precision weather information on its complete range of GPRS connected Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) worldwide.
The weather service will be built in as part of Dreevo’s range of connected services, and current users can download and install the app on their Dreevo III today. Users will be able to access seven-day forecasts for any town in the world. Because the Dreevo is always connected, weather data is live and updated in real-time. For each forecast, details such as temperature, wind, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset times are available via a few screen touches.

Dreevo’s patented screen sharing function enables drivers to check the weather forecast progression at their destination whilst viewing navigation information. In the near future, the weather data will be integrated into the traffic and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations. The Dreevo III represents the latest and greatest in GPRS connected PNDs. It merges all the usual in-car navigation features with the ability to connect to its own app store. Users can access a range of content and services and run them simultaneously, as on a tablet. Most notably, the Dreevo III is the beast behind the widely successful Coyote Nav V2, which will also benefit from CustomWeather information.

Geoff Flint, president & CEO of CustomWeather, commented: “CustomWeather’s focus on accurate, localized weather information for locations all around the world is a good match with Mobile Devices’ proven and powerful navigation technology. We are committed to ensuring that our content will add tremendous value to the Dreevo III device and its users.”

Cyril Zeller, Mobile Devices’ sales & marketing vice president, commented: “Surprisingly, in-car navigation is a very fragmented industry. Mobile Devices’ strength is its focus on creating an entire ecosystem of content and service developers. The Dreevo III runs like an open device with its own app shop for developers to deploy consumer and professional services. Together with content such as Yellow Pages, Traffic information and many others, weather information from CustomWeather represents a major step towards an all-encompassing connected service offering available on all Dreevo III based Vehicle Information Centers”.

About Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices was founded in 2002, and has become one of the world leaders in the design and the commercialization of telematics and navigation devices. Mobile Devices’ approach of using an open OS and a customizable device enables the company to be active in many vertical markets, such as fleet & asset management, taxis & ambulances, heavy duty trucks, garbage collection and many other areas, including emergency call, driver profiling and road charging. More recently, Mobile Devices extended its product range with a white label consumer product line. The Dreevo III is now distributed in more than forty different countries in Europe, North & South America and Asia through a wide range of brands, including Trafficmaster, Teletrac and Coyote. For more information visit 

About CustomWeather, Inc.

CustomWeather, Inc. is a San Francisco based provider of syndicated weather content that combines the worlds of technology and weather. CustomWeather generates local weather forecasts for over 200 countries worldwide, establishing it as the industry leader for global location-based coverage at both the US and International levels. CustomWeather provides sophisticated weather products to leading companies in a variety of industries including media, energy, travel, wireless, and the web. For more information visit or check the weather at

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