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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 00:00

CustomWeather Launches CWView: Animated Weather Model Portal for Energy and Commodity Traders

CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, has announced the availability of a critical graphical weather forecasting tool, CWView.

The CWView weather model portal is a powerful tool tailored for professional users with a working knowledge and understanding of weather's impact on their business, particularly energy and commodity traders.  With these time-sensitive traders in mind, updates are made almost instantaneously to enable efficient, confident business decisions.  Animated displays for forecasted weather conditions are generated for 11 key government-run weather models around the globe, including dozens of weather variables, all within a single portal.  The weather models currently featured include the CFS, GDAS, GEM, GENS, GFDL, GFS, NDFD, NOGAPS, RUC, SREF, and WW3 models.  Displays are generated for the full length of each model (some containing 75 frames or more).  Over a half-million frames are generated via this robust service.  The model plot generation process begins within seconds of the data being downloaded and available from government sources.

The portal also features 7-day running mean forecast plots and 7-day running mean standardized departure plots for clients who desire more stability in the forecasts, particularly for the long range.  In addition, the portal includes run-to-run differences so that it is easy to see how the models are trending over time.

CWView can be customized for any customer, particularly those who desire features embedded in their own portal or service.  Images can also be delivered via FTP, and as model plot overlays if the user prefers to plot data on their own maps.

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