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Tuesday, 08 May 2012 00:00

CustomWeather Ranks #1 in Accuracy for Wind Speed Forecasting

CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, is pleased to announce that in the first 4 months of 2012, they have held ForecastWatch’s #1 spot for absolute wind speed forecasting accuracy for day 1.  This important ranking directly affects Renewable Energy and Energy traders, as well as Agriculture, and Insurance clients.

CustomWeather’s wind expertise includes the ability to model wind speeds at ground-level and tower height for wind farms, capturing diurnal wind cycles graphically or in data files, partnerships with companies involved in the setup of remote, on-site weather stations , and experience with offshore weather forecasting for marine wind farms.  CustomWeather’s high-resolution wind model is able to accurately capture very local wind forecasts and features for individual turbines as well as larger-scale forecasts at regional and country-wide levels.

Additionally, CustomWeather provides global alerts and advisories, high resolution short-term and seasonal forecasting, detailed updates regarding severe weather events such as floods, wind, ice and snow, as well as historical data that empowers clients to anticipate and prepare for the future.  CustomWeather's services are customized to individual regions of interest anywhere in the world.

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CustomWeather is a San Francisco-based provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, offering the industry's most robust weather solutions for both decision support and consumer application. CustomWeather generates granular weather forecasts for over 200 countries worldwide, providing sophisticated weather services to leading companies in a variety of industries including Utilities, Oil and Gas, Offshore Drilling and Exploration, Insurance, Agriculture, Transportation, Mobile, and Media. For more than a decade, CustomWeather has been the leading one-stop solution for historical, real-time, and forecast weather services.  For more information, visit